Grid and Snapping / Snap to grid

It would be nice to be able to align tables exactly with a grid and snapping alignment when in free move click and drag mode

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Hello @piercemcgeough , I’m Khoa from the dbdiagram team. Thank you for your feedback on dbdiagram. We are working on this already, we will announce you once it has been released :slight_smile:


Any update on this? It’s the only thing I feel is missing, otherwise dbdiagram kicks ass!

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Any updates on this feature? My diagrams looks little messy without a proper alignment.

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Any updates? Can’t live without grids and snapping.

This used to be a feature. I remember using this feature for hours. Recently it went away. I want it back too.

Update October 2023: This feature has been developed and released. Please see below for the official announcement. Thank you.