Integration with Nextcloud

In our company we use private Nextcloud installation. It has functionality similar to Google Drive and Dropbox. Anyone could write custom applications for Nextcloud.
Some employees like your dbdiagram functionality and ask if we can integrate it with Nextcloud.

  1. Is it ok with you if I create Nextcloud module for it?
  2. Is there any way to save the diagram on private Nextcloud storage?



It’ll be a great if someone can integrate with NextCloud. :smiley:

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I’d just like to say we do the same, we also use Nextcloud in our organization and we frequently use the application for Nextcloud. It would be great if was also available in Nextcloud. @rain, did you make any progress with writing the Nextcloud module?

Thank you for all your suggestions @rain, @shyaminayesh and @Rik. I’m not so familiar with Nextcloud myself. Could I check, what kind of integration do you have in mind for Nextcloud?

Do you mean the files created on dbdiagram will be automatically synced to nextcloud and vice-versa?


It’s worth to try it! You can get a free 5Gb account here.
Nextcloud started as cloud storage, but now (like many alternatives) has the possibility of apps or plugins within Nextcloud. Same like Slack and MS Teams, etc. And because Nextcloud is open source, the nr of apps has exploded. There are many really useful ones, for ToDo management, for communication, for (collaborative) document editing, etcetc. One of the ones we use a lot is draw . io / diagrams . net. They have an app within Nextcloud, which allows you to make online, collaborative diagrams with everyone in your Nextcloud user group. It is really handy for collaboration.

screenshot of our Nextcloud UI