Launched: Team Workspace (Beta)

We’ve kicked off the year 2022 with the ability for individuals to collaborate in real-time with others. Having received a lot of positive feedback from users, we decided to make the collaboration experience even more seamless by developing the Team Workspace features.

We’re opening up a Beta program to gather feedback on these features. To join our beta waitlist and get early access, please share your use cases using this form.

Team Workspace

With Team Workspace Features, you can:


  1. How long does the Beta program last?

    We don’t have a specific ending date yet. The Beta program would last until the Team Pricing Plan is ready to be introduced.

  2. How can I contribute to building this feature?

    Once you’re enrolled in the Beta program, there’re many ways for you to help us in building this feature:

    • Set up quick calls with us to share your testing experiences, give feedback, etc., by emailing us at
    • Give ideas or report bugs in our community.
    • Show some love or give feedback in this thread.
  3. Will we need to pay to use the Team Workspace features?

    During the Beta, these features are free to use. After the Beta program finishes, the Team Workspace features will become paid features and come along with a Team Pricing Plan.

  4. What happens with my created team workspaces and their diagrams after the Beta program ends?

    Either subscribe to the Team Pricing Plan, or your workspaces get disabled. So it would be best if you backed up for diagrams before the Beta program ends.

From dbdiagram team w/ :heart: