Account Information

Hey everyone,

I would just like to know whether I could use a “pseudonym” for using dbdiagram and dbdocs and this would end up in an account termination or something similar?

Hi @SeekNDstroy ,

I’m Huy Le from the dbdiagram team.

Please correct me if I am wrong. Do you mean “pseudonym” is using a fake name for your dbdiagram account?

Also, it would be great if you could express your demand in more detail.


yes, that is what I meant… something like a which I am using right now (SeekNDstroy). I just wanted clarity on the terms.

Hey @SeekNDstroy,

I’m not sure if we have any restriction on the name on policy-wise terms, but let me check it out. By the way, can you clarify why you want such information? I could help you better.

I just am a bit worried about loosing my work on this account, that’s all.

hey, I wanted to follow up on my previous message regarding using a pseudonym for my dbdiagram account. Could you please provide me with an update when you have the chance?

I appreciate your help in clarifying this matter, as I want to ensure that I can continue using dbdiagram without any risk to my current work.

Hi @SeekNDstroy,

We don’t have any restrictions placed on dbdocs or dbdiagram account usernames. You are free to use any name you like.

I hope this helps.