Add Model Views

Within a dbdiagram, it would be good to be able to create views of the model. Similar to how ‘groups’ work to group related tables together.

A view however would be viewable as a separate diagram that referenced the underlying model. A table would be able to be added to multiple model views.

With this one can break down a big model into smaller domain oriented areas, but only have to maintain 1 underlying model.

So a “currency” table might be used in the “Pricing” Model View as well as “End of Day Price Data” Model view. Or the “Account” table might be in the “account management” model view but also in the “order” model view.

Selecting a diagram would allow all its views to be visible based on permissions. Permissions could also be set at the view level so granular exposure for sharing the model can be made. If the underlying model were not visible based on permissions - you could still your model views in the context of the main dbdiagram - but not the content of the main diagram itself.