Can't parse integer columns with a default that's < 0

As it says in the topic title, fails to parse when there’s a column with type integer and has a default value that’s less than 0.

Example (in this case the us_active column):

Table users {
  us_id Int [pk, increment]
  us_username String [not null]
  us_password String
  us_name String
  us_active Int [default: -1]

Reported error:

 (6:27) Expected "`", "false", "null", "true", [0-9], comment, string, or whitespace but "-" found. 

Schema was generated by the NPM module prisma-dbml-generator


Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix this soon in the next update.

As a work-around for now, you could put the default value inside single/double quotes (ex: ‘-1’ or “-1”).