Changes on Synced Diagram causing issues

I have a diagram model that is on the larger size (2100+ lines on dbml). I am the owner and it is showing as synced.
When I make changes to the dbml it is displaying them. However, when I refresh (or another user views the model) it is not showing my changes and instead appears as though my text changes have been applied to other lines, which is creating errors and making it not visible. (I.e. spaces, character, and tabs appear out of place).

I can recreate it and have an example attached. All I did between the two images was refresh my window (F5)


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+1, the synced feature is really encumbering. I constantly have to reload because I have been disconnected. Please, allow us to toggle this feature.

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Our apologies for the bad experiences & thank you for reporting the issue.

Can you let us know how often do you face this issue?

We’re investigating, collectings problems & improving the feature. If things get worse, we’ll add a way for users to toggle this feature.

I have seen the issue occur at least once a day since Monday. It usually takes me multiple attempts to successfully re-sync afterwards.

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Hi rfrazier,

We believed that the problem is due to incorrect handling of different line-ending style which causes your inputs to appear in incorrect positions on the server.

A new update has been released to address the issue. Please let us know if the problem still exists.