Dbdiagram.io - locate selected table in diagram

Hey there fellow DB designers :smiley:

I really appreaciate the work and time which has been spent to create such a wonderfull tool.
But recently I regularely run into the following issue: I have a hard time finding specific tables in my diagram. Let me explain:

As you can see in the attached image I have a diagram with around 90 tables.
Now sure, I can zoom into a specific section of the diagram and “climb” my way through the schema to finally get to the place I want.

But it would be so much better if there is some sort of button next to the table name in the editor or a keyboard shortcut to specifically zoom into the table I have selected on the left side.

Basically like you can “Go to definition” with function calls in any modern IDE I would love to see a similar feature here as well so I don’t have to scroll in and out so much to find my desired table.

What do you think?

Thank you for your suggestion, @LordSimal.

We totally agree with you. This capability is something we intend to include in our editing enhancements. We believe it will be implemented soon.

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We have released a new feature related to this! Do check it out! Thank you!

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Thank you so much! This really is an awesome feature!

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The enhanced editor is an excellent update but I don’t see how this solves this feature request, unless I can’t see the appropriate command?

You can double-click a table in the diagram to focus the DBML window but how do you go from the DBML to focus the diagram?

CMD (or Strg for Windows) + Left click on the table in the DBML