Desiging and creating Views

Dear Community,

I want to propose adding the ability to design views based on the existing tables with the different join options.

Something like:

View view_group_roles [orderby:group_name]{
left_join [on: = Role.group_id]

This would be awesome. I’m in a new position and currently diagraming the tables, views, and spatial views that feed our enterprise map applications. And nail down the fields and tables that are fed by other applications. Ultimately, I’ll have the application, the table(s) it populates, the views from those tables, and the spatial view created from the views. I’m currently using a color scheme to distinguish between sql servers, I have two. I’m Not sure if this is do-able in dbdiagram, but I’m going to give it a shot. If anyone has done something similar, I’d love to see it. Thx!