Diagram disappear after deleting duplicate diagram


Currently I am under the free plan.

I have 2 occasion that the diagram which i have draw disappear. Is there anyway to retrieve it back?

Through my research, sometimes the same diagram will multiply by themselves, and I think deleting the extra diagram will accidentally delete some other diagram.

Please help me to retrieve back my diagram.


Hi haah,

Thanks for reaching out. We are so sorry to hear that. Can you please give us the diagram name so we can find it for you.

Hello Khanh Tran,

I can’t remember the exact name but should be

  1. Ocean (I have recreated a new Ocean Diagram if needed you may overwrite it or rename it to something ocean_restore )
  2. PSM Easy ( might not be the exact naming … )


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Thank you. Can you please let me know your email? :joy:

Hello Khanh_Tran

Any update?

Hello Kai,

We are working on it. We will let you know if there is any update. :smiley: