Diagram does not update even though no errors are reported in the editor

My diagram is quite large (5K+ lines) and I seem to be having issues getting the diagram to update properly. I don’t think the size is an issue at all, when it does load it’s very quick. The issue lies in the enumerations I believe. When I remove the enumerations (and of course the underlying references in tables) the diagram displays just fine. When I add them back, the diagram will no longer update with changes made, and if it wasn’t already displayed (when enumerations were removed) it won’t load at all. The puzzling thing is, I have no errors showing in the editor.

Hi @C.Ander1224,

There’s currently a bug that causes the syntax error “Empty value enum not allowed” to not be shown in the dbml editor, which in turn will prevent your diagram from re-updating.

For example:

enum status {
  "" // <-- error

We’ll fix this soon.

However, In the meantime, if your diagram contains these kinds of enum, you can try to remove these empty enum values to make the diagram update normally again.