Diagram with several tables completely wiped

Hi, simply after tabbing back to dbdiagram after going to another tab, all of my progress for 2 hours disappeared, the name stays the same but the content was from another diagram from a day ago. Honestly very disheartening. Is there any way to retrieve my data?
If not, how can I be sure that this problem won’t happen again? The diagrams will only get more complicated from now on and I’m not sure if having the data wiped every now and then helps.

Hi Trang,

We’re sorry about the inconvenience,

We could not reproduce the situation where a diagram content could be swapped with another diagram. Do you mean your diagram is reverted to an earlier state after switching back the tab?

Also, did you experience any disconnection before losing the content?


Hi Phuc,

I did experience disconnection issues yes, or the page blanking out for 2 - 3 seconds but the content was still there so I did not pay attention to it.


Hi Trang,

It’s likely that due to the disconnection, your diagram has not been automatically saved.

We’ll continue working on improving the stability of the save system.

In the meantime, to protect your work, please make sure the connection status on the left corner is green. We also recommend making regular backups of your diagram.
Screenshot from 2024-05-16 14-58-02