Django models support


the home page mentions Django

Integrate with Popular Web Frameworks

Or if you use popular web frameworks like Rails or Django, simply upload your schema.rb or file!

but cannot see the option to import the file into dbdiagram. Is it supported? has anyone managed to use it?



Hi @alabarga,

At the moment, we haven’t supported yet ! Supporting is already in our roadmap.

Also wanted to share quickly that we’ve recently open-sourced DBML, the core DSL behind dbdiagram. If you’re interested you can contribute to DBML. Thank you !

Cool, I may give it a try. Does it mean that you will eventually open source dbdiagram itself or at least the visualization library?

Currently, we just open source the core DSL engine, which is responsible for parsing and converting between SQLs and DBML.

Here is the DBML repos on github:

Feel free to make suggestions on the syntax or contribute to it. Thank you !