Django ORM support

Hi folks!

I’m developing a Django extension and almost done for DBML generation.

Will be easy to use.

Locally I only want to run a simple command like python dbml and outputs to console all the dbml or -f mydiagram.dbml for file output.

On next week I’ll release the v1 with pip availability and I’ll appreciate feedbacks.

The purpose of this thread creation is for register and warm up the discussion.

Hi @imakecodes, thank you for your heads-up and very great to hear that you’re working on this!

Just a quick note, you might want to check out some existing work from user hamedsj here, where he contributed a Django models parser for DBML, to see if it meets your needs first:

You can see more of these projects in our our community contributions section of Github.

Hi @huy!

I saw this code, but is too much complicated to install and use and is not good for working with Django at all.

I just published the first version of DBML generator from Django ORM:

Next steps are:

  • Add Github Actions :white_check_mark:
  • Create a better README
  • Add support to export only one app or a list of apps


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I think the Github link is wrong? Could you share the new link?

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I’m sorry, the link was updated.

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