drag-Drop references do not catch schema name

Given: two tables with schema name: sch.table1 and sch.table2

When: drag-n-drop reference from sch.table1.field1 to sch.table2.field2. Error occurred: Can’t find table “null”.“sch.table1”. Auto generated script is
Ref: “table1”.“field1” < “table2”.“field2”
As yo see, schema name is skipped. After manually correction script to
Ref: “sch”.“table1”.“field1” < “sch”.“table2”.“field2”
the problem is fixes.

Then: auto generated script have to includes schema name:
Ref: “sch”.“table1”.“field1” < “sch”.“table2”.“field2”

Thank you for your report.

We’ve well-noted the issue & will fix it shortly.

We have released a version that fixed the issue. Feel free to give it a try.


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