Emptied Diagram


I have come back to work on a diagram but it is now empty.

I have run into an issue before where I had created a copy of my diagram and then deleting the copy also cleared the main diagram also, so this may be the cause?

Can I please get assistance to retrieve my diagram? (I am currently on the free plan)

Thank you in advance

Hi Dimii96,
Thank you for report.
Can you give us the address of the diagram, the name or anything related to it (email owner diagram, …)?
I hope I have enough information to help you.


Thanks for quick reply, the name of it is SquadUp.
I can pm you the link if you would like?

Cheers :smile:

Hi Dimii96,
I checked the data and see you updated the content of the diagram as empty at 2022-08-17 02:25:32.000000

Hey Bao

Hmm, this is odd, not something I would have done intentionally.
Just saw now the version history, and its showing for me that last change was done in March, and before that there was a version for July 3rd 2021.

Would it be possible to revert to when there was content?


Hey Bao

Just got your message. You’re an absolute legend.
Thank you very much for your help.

Hope you have a fantastic day!

I have sent you the content of the diagram, you can check it in your inbox, hope you find it useful.
Thank you. :blush: