Feature request - hide some or all column names

Hey folks. Great tool, I want to use it to document a large database I’m now studying. It has 500+ tables, some with 100+ columns. Ouch! My current interest is the FK relationships.

Would be nice to be able to show on the diagram:

  • all column names i.e. current behaviour
  • only column names which participate in FK constraints
  • no column names i.e. only the table name in a box (FK links would have no labels, only their lines)

This would make my “world view” diagram much easier to understand.

Hi @kane8, i’m Khoa from dbdiagram team, thank you for your feedback on the dbdiagram.
We don’t support collapse table at the moment but we are working on the table group feature that allows you to group multiple tables into a single group so that you can focus on a particular group of tables in a large database.
You can check at our twitter:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Although my main requirement is to show only wanted column names (i.e. none, or only those in FK relationships). Can you please consider adding this feature, separate to your “collapse table” future feature.