Feature Request - Multi-user functionality


I was wondering where multi-user functionality may be on the roadmap. I require the ability for multiple users to work on the same diagram either concurrently or separately.

I would also like to have a history of saved edits and undo/redo functionality.



Thanks for asking Brett.

History of saved edits, aka version control, will be available towards end of Q2 2020.

As for multi-user functionality this is something we’re planning/designing at the moment and will give a better indication on timeline for it at a later date. For now you can also check out our sister project dbdocs.io, might be able to give you some of the multi-user functionality via Git version control.


Is this multi user feature coming soon now that private diagrams and version control have been released?

dbdiagram is a really fabulous tool but I need to be able to modify the schemas collaboratively.

I’ve signed up for the pro version, so now just need support for teams sharing updates to a shared schema, as opposed to sharing a copy for isolated modification.