Feature Request - Private diagrams that can be shared with teams

We need the ability to create private diagrams with the ability to share with a team of people. I see 3 other threads in the community about this, with all 3 receiving comments that the feature is on the roadmap or backlog.

This is a security issue that is a blocker for putting a full database diagram on your service.

I looked in the Roadmap and did not see it documented anywhere. Will you please share an update on this?

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May 2019 - Per anthony.do, this is on the roadmap.

July 2019 - Per @Khoa_Huynh, there are plans to include this in a future release.

September 2019 - Per @Duy_Phan, this is on the backlog.

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Hi Mike, thanks for your interest! Indeed it’s within our roadmap and we do plan to roll this out end of Q1 early Q2 2020. It will be included in our paid offering which we’ll looking into rolling out on the same timeline.

Huy, thank you so much for the prompt response!

I imagine the dbdiagram team is still working out premium pricing, but do you have any estimates? I plan to discuss this with my manager as part of budget planning.

Hi Mike- nothing concrete yet, but we plan to have our Individual Plan to be priced around $80-100 per year give or take.