Feature request: Schemas

Hello! The tool is great, really like it. A colleague of mine recommended it.
It would be great if it supports multiple schemas not only the public one. For example some of the tables may be in a security shchema: security.users, security.authorities, etc; some may be in raw: raw.device_data, raw.logs, etc; and so on.



Hello @tolya, I’m Bong from dbdiagram team. Thanks for your feedback!
We will add this in our roadmap and once done, you can simply define as:

Table security.users {
    name varchar
    id int [pk]

And when defining relationships, to keep it simple you must define an alias for the table in the schema:

Table security.users as s_user {
    name varchar
    id int [pk]
Table account {
    created_at timestamp
    id int
Ref: s_user.id > account.id

Just a side note: MySQL doesn’t support schema so please be aware :smiley:

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