Feature Request - Update Diagram from SQL Server Import

I am just starting to get to grips with dbdiagram , and I am using it to document a database schema which is going to be used for a migration and as such is subject to change, I am not in control of the schema but I have to explain the relationships to a wider audience within my organisation.
I can create a DDL script which exposes the current schema from the SQL Server Database, and import this into dbdiagram. I then arrange the tables so that the relationships can be shown with the minimum of cross-overs and is understandable by my target audience. However if I need to update the diagram with several new tables or relationships, I would like to maintain the diagram layout for all the existing tables and relationships, but going through the import process again wipes out the modified layout and returns it to the auto-layout.

Is there a way of maintaining the position of tables in the layout between imports. I really don’t want to have to discover all the changes that have been made to the schema and manually enter them into dbdiagram, it seems a huge waste of effort and prone to human error. If I was in control of the database design then it would make sense to make the changes in dbdiagram and export the schema for SQL Server, I could then use other tools to convert the full script into a set of differences to deploy to the actual database.

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Incremental imports would be amazing.
Imagine, you could create a migrate in sql (like Liquibase or Flyway), and import the new SQL from migrate into diagram, withou losing the old tables that already exists on the diagram. :exploding_head:

Request from AlmostRemember on DBML’s GitHub repo:

I am testing the ‘Import from SQL Server’ function. When I import a table everything that already exists in the diagram is removed. I would like the option to preserve any existing tables when importing. This would allow importing tables one at a time, when they become relevant to a diagram.

Update October 2022: Good news! We made some minor changes to the Import feature, allowing users to:

  • Support users to import with append mode.
  • Keep table positions for old tables (matched tables) after successfully importing DBML objects.