Generate a PDF and all field names are blank

My diagram just started failing to generate the field names when creating a PDF. Works fine for PNG, just not a PDF.

Hi padlocked17,
We apologize for the difficulty you are experiencing. The system appears to be operating correctly, though.
If so, could you provide us with further details?

  • The content of the diagram
  • The operating system you are using
  • The browser you are using.

Thank you.


Currently using macOS 12.6 and Safari 16.0. Attached are more screenshots. One with the garbled characters are from Adobe Acrobat and the blanks are from Apple Preview.

Content is simply an ERD, so just tables and fields with relationships.

Hi padlocked17,
I thank you for providing the data.

We have confirmed exists for the Apple preview. As soon as we can, we will endeavor to resolve the problem.

You can read the PDF using the Chrome or Edge browsers to quickly fix this issue.

We apologize for inconvenience we have caused.

Hi padlocked17,
PDFs may now be read in the Apple Preview app. Please notify us once it is back to normal.
Thank you !