How to re-arrange tables in shared diagrams

I created a diagram and had the possibility to re-arrange every table to improve my visibility, but after sharing the diagram with others and they making adjustments to the table definition, we lost the ability to re-arrange the tables and now it is super challenging to follow relationships since we have a large diagram. Does anyone know what I can do to recover the ability to re-arrange tables in a diagram?

Hi Alfredo_Vazquez,
Thank you for question,
Dbdiagram currently provides a history option that allows you to check the version you want. I hope this was helpful. Version History | dbdiagram Docs.
Have a good day!

Thank you for reporting the problem, we’re investigating them.

On the other hand, do you use the Brave browser? Unfortunately, the Brave browser is doing things for privacy reasons. And it is breaking a very common function from our renderer library.
The diagram will work just fine when you disable “Brave Shields” if you don’t mind.