Iframe embedding not working

iframe embedding not working due to current security limitations of browsers

e.g. in current version of Chrome - Third-party cookies are blocked by default

When DbDiagram try to use window.localStorage in iframe on any external site, it considered by browser as third party cookie and you will just see white-blank iframe due to JavaScript exception

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Hi ujeenator,

Thank you for your feedback.
I am Huy Phung from the dbdiagram team.

First and foremost, do you use any adblockers? It would be great if you could assist us with turning off the adblockers on your site and re-testing whether the embedded diagrams are working properly.

If you do not use any adblockers, please share the URL to your site (that uses the embedded diagram) with us if it is public. If you wish to send it to us privately, you may do so by sending the URL via message to me. Please also send us your Chrome version.

Best regards
Huy Phung

Hi Huy Phung,

First and foremost, do you use any adblockers?
No, but iframe started worked as soon as I disabled Chrome standard third party cookie blocking feature
For sure it not the solution to ask everybody to disable it

I did a little research, and seems that it is planned Chrome behaviour for 1% of users globally

Seems I’m in that 1%

Please also send us your Chrome version.
Chrome Version 115.0.5790.102 (Official Build) (x86_64) (macOS)

Hi ujeenator,

I checked the problem again in incognito mode (with the blocking third-party cookies option enabled). The embedded diagram will, indeed, be broken.

We took note of this problem and plan to address it in the future. In the meantime, please disable the browser’s feature that blocks third-party cookies.

Best regards,
Huy Phung