Import / Export from MS SQL Server support?

It would be awesome have support to import and export schema from MS SQL Server, it is a well known and higly used database. It would increase the users of db diagram a lot!


Thanks for the feedback. This is something we’re already working on at the moment :slight_smile: Will keep you updated.

Hi @Vinicius_Botelho_Biz,

Excited to tell you that Export to SQL Server is now supported by Import is coming soon !

More info here:

Wonderful news! Thank you guys for the improvement, im starting to use right now.

Any updates about this issue? In ouw company, we discovered this tool a few days ago and we are exiced to get this functionality

Hi @Soulaimane_Ouali_El,

Yes, we do support exporting schema to SQL Server (more info here:

Importing from SQL Server is coming soon !

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First : very good job for your online tool… !!

So have you got news about "Importing from SQL Server " functionallities ?


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Hi - sorry if this is a redundant reply (just made one on other thread I think). I am really seeking a way to make ERDs for a very large MSSQL DB. Any news on when Import MSSQL will be possible? Or is it somewhere already and I have just not found it? Thx

Hi - checking again for any news on MSSQL Importing capability.

Any news on MSSQL Importing Capability?

The thread has some fairly old inquiries and hopeful replies but nothing lately, and no implementation that I can find.

We really need it…


Ok - as this was on the other channel, and I was asked to repost here (note the already-there-post-about-same-topic…), here goes! And if I am the only one asking about Importing MS SQL Databases for the purpose of generating dbml, or more importantly for my case, ERD creation, please let me know because I am really curious about that!

From other channel:

Hi - The short question: how can I use dbdiagram to make MSSQL ERDs? I am seeking information about SQL Server support for Import - specifically I need to make a set of ERDs for a large project that is MSSQL - I have used SSMS a lot but, Visio a little, and am just now trying Redgate. Coworkers have said they were able to use dbdocs to generate DBML and I have “requested early access” but not gotten a reply. Please advise.