Import SQL comments as notes

The MySQL SQL import tool does not understand the COMMENT keyword when it is applied to a table field. Comments can be added to table, fields, indexes etc.

Table comments are converted to DBML table Notes, so this SQL:

create table test (
  id int primary key 
comment="A test of comments when importing";

is converted to this DBML:

Table "test" {
  "id" int [pk]
  Note: 'A test of comments when importing'

but it refuses to import this SQL with a field comment:

create table test (
  id int primary key comment 'This is the primary key'

I would expect the DMBL to look like this:

Table "test" {
  "id" int [pk, note: 'This is the primary key']

Hey Anthony,

Thanks for letting us know about this! We currently do not support this kind of formatting when importing, but we will try to include this as part of our product roadmap for future releases!

Thank you!

Hi @anthony,

We have fixed this issue. Please give it a try!