Is there a way to encode the diagram text into a URL?

Hello everyone!

I’m curious if it’s possible to encode diagram text into a URL, similar to what PlantUML offers with their text encoding.

Has anyone found a way to achieve this? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Oscar,

We don’t have that functionality in dbdiagram at the moment.

We would like to know more about the use cases you intend to do with the encoded diagram text in the URL. It will help us improve dbdiagram furthermore.


I’m working on a chatgpt plugin that creates a DBML diagram and presents it to the user. If the user wants to modify the diagram, they should be able to launch a new tab with a real-time editor containing the pre-filled diagram text. It would be wonderful to have this feature.

Hi Oscar,

That is an interesting use case, please feel free to share with us the plugin details whenever you finish working on it.

We’ll consider supporting it in the future and will let you know when it’s ready.


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