Is there any REST API?

I very much enjoy and appreciate this tool.

My question is are there any immediate plans to expose the Rest API? It would make this tool even more valuable by allowing us to create diagrams programmatically. Maybe as simple as passing the JSON object that contains DBML configuration in the request and will create the diagram with the given DBML.

Thank you!

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Hi @Seong_Kang, I’m very happy that you enjoy and appreciate the tool!

We don’t have plans to support REST API yet, but certainly something interesting that we can look into.

Could you share a bit on your use case, what workflow/scenario you’re going through that an API will help?

Hi @huy

Thank you for your quick response.

My use case is that I want to automate the database diagram updates.

For example, if a developer creates a table definition file in our codebase, I want to let dbdiagram know what the changes were and change the DBML automatically so the diagram stays up to date without having to manually change the DBML.

More specifically, I would be basically sending a HTTP request with POST/PUT method with DBML in the body of that request to the endpoint of my dbdiagram (this is just one way to do this). Then that will update the DBML of that diagram to my request.

Maybe there is a work around for this if there is no plans to support REST API?


I second this feature request. Would be incredibly useful!

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Thank you for this, super helpful. Actually, we’re already actively working on a big project to improve dbdiagram to work well with development workflow. Will keep you posted overall, and we might reach out to you for further questions as well.

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I third this as well. Built a small tool to read PG db’s to output dbml. Next step, I would like to automate the upload of those dbml files to dbdiagram for our org to see.

Would not mind helping out at all as well.

Thanks for writing Jeff. You might want to check out our upcoming project that does just that: - we’re rolling Beta out soon.