Just a quick question - blocking page access

Hi, I have been using the tool for quite a few weeks, however today, there is an overlay prompt “just a quick question” asking me what kind of database I am working on. When I submit an answer, a red “error occurred” box appears in the top right corner and I am unable to clear the popup and progress to the db diagram.

Are others seeing the same issue? if so, does anyone know a workaround?

As further information, the browser (dev tools) reports 401 (unauthorized) to this URL https://api.dbdiagram.io/query?userid=

and when I press submit, also 401 to URL https://api.dbdiagram.io/survey/saveanswer/


Have you tried Hard reload (Ctrl + Shift + R) on the page? Also, try deleting the cache of your browser as well since I’m also on the 3rd question and it’s working fine to me :smiley: Another workaround is that you can try logging in incognito mode.