Manually move reference lines

I’m working on a database schema that isn’t even remotely complex, and some of my reference lines overlap (co-linearly). This makes it impossible to visually identify the reference connections once exported.

Is there a way to manually move the lines to eliminate overlaps? This a deal breaker if not. The diagramming is useless to me if the references can not be clearly distinguished.

See example:


Really? No replies? I can’t be the only one with this issue.

Hi @Robert_Rowland, Sorry for the inconvenience.
Currently, we don’t have plan to support moving reference lines manually.
For your issue, i suggest exporting to PDF so that you can have a highlight version of your diagram.

I think Robert_Rowland suggested a really important feature.
People use DB Diagrams to document, improve readability and make easy to get the relations among tables. And the lines play an important role in this. is doing an excelent job! please include this in the roadmap!

I’ll third this. I have a fairly complex schema with 67 tables and the diagram is nearly unusable. I’ve rearranged tables as much as I can to help with overlap and lines crossing, but it’s still basically a hot mess.