Monetization Roadmap - what is it?

I love your tool and the premium features are great and just a tweet away- however I am anxious to commit too much on relying and learning this tool because I am not sure how your monetization road map looks like. Are you planning to start charging for all features? Current premium features? New features? When?

I know this might be a sensitive topic so just any indication would be appreciated. :blush:



Hi Dovile, thank you for sharing your support with us, and asking a good question on our monetization roadmap. Allow me to share a few quick answers with you:

1- Our tentative timeline for monetization is in Q1 2020 (next quarter). And at the moment we plan to make it freemium (free plus paid tiers). As for which features to go into premium tier, we don’t have a final decision on it yet.

2- As mentioned on our homepage, there will always be a free version of dbdiagram that allows you to do the core functionalities of the product, that is: type code get diagram.

3- If you’re concerned about the learning commitment of this tool, please don’t worry: dbdiagram is based on DBML, which is an open source project (yes we open-source dbdiagram syntax and call it dbml).

So please don’t worry, and feel free to continue using dbdiagram :wink: :trophy: