My data model is gone


I had a model saved under the following link:
I was able to work on it, save it, share it, etc until just now.
It says 404 error and it was gone.
Can you guys recover this please?

Thank you.


same for me, had my model saved under and its gone today too.

Alright. I just logged into my account again ( on Chrome and I was able to get to that website finally.
I wasn’t able to view the diagram on Firefox or Safari.
Looks like some other people are experiencing hard time when on Firefox.

Nope, I’m not sure what’s going on with the link but I was able to open diagram but then was not able to get to it on another tab lol…

Same problem here, I have multiple diagram saved with multiple links. Today I tried to create a new diagram but got a message to relog (I login with a google account). I was unable to re-login after that and all my diagrams were gone (404 error)
One diagram link I was able to salvage in my history:
Please help.

They fixed it:

Hi guys,
We had some technical and have resolved it a few hours after. We believe your diagrams can be reached now. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Our official announcement on Twitter: