Not work use the dbdocs CLI

When I try to update DBDocs or retrieve a list of documents, I get the following error:

$ dbdocs ls
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined

The version I’m using is:

$ dbdocs 
  dbdocs/0.7.5 linux-x64 node-v12.22.12

  $ dbdocs [COMMAND]

  build     build docs
  help      Display help for dbdocs.
  login     login to dbdocs
  logout    logout
  ls        list projects
  password  set password for your project or remove password
  remove    remove docs
  rename    change your username
  token     generate or revoke your authentication token
  validate  validate docs content

I was able to use the validate and token commands.

Hi @ukmshi,

Thank you for reporting the bug. We are looking into this issue.

Would you mind login into your dbdocs org page (e.g: and show us the response data like the image below so that we can investigate furthermore.

In the meantime, you can try to run these CLI commands:

  1. dbdocs logout
  2. dbdocs login
  3. dbdocs ls

If the error persist, please let us know.

Hello @Nguyen_Hoang,

Thank you for your reply. I accessed org page and it seemed to display as usual.

I was authenticating with a token, but when I executed the command without the token as you suggested, it ran as expected. It appears that with the new token there is no error, but with the old token, an error occurs.