Offline version

Hi there. Is there by any chance an offline version of this amazing tool?


Hi Daniel, we don’t have an offline version ready yet. Just curious what do you need an offline version for?

It is not always that I’ve an internet connection and this tool really helps “us” me as a student. For an example we can’t access the internet during the examination.

I know that there is different tools out there like dbeaver which can make ER diagrams too, however they don’t draw the ER diagram in the same simple good loking way like dbdiagram.

Thanks for sharing Daniel. Unfortunately supporting an offline version is not in our immediate roadmap at the moment.

Though I suspect that since our webapp doesn’t need to send data to server side, you can try keeping the browser window open and goes offline to see if it will still work?

@huy think an offline version is much easier to implement than you’d think.

Using Electron you can create an app similar to Slack or Postman for desktop.

It’s basically the same as the online, just you don’t need to have internet access, and when you do have internet access it will sync with your account.

I think that following the Postman model with workspaces would be really useful for collaboration and designing multiple databases.

This is a feature which I’m sure many users would be willing to pay for.

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If available would a locally-hosted or offline version ALL THE TIME.