Ownership not set when publishing project from the CLI

I face an issue with not owning the projects I create (or at leas not being able to see themm listed under “My Projects” at the website).

I follow the steps in the Getting Started guide:

  • I log in with the CLI using email dbdocs login.
  • I build with dbdocs build my_db.dbml
  • I fill out the requested project name

When following the link to dbocs site for the project I can see my documentation, but when I log in on the site using same email and go to “My Projects” there is nothing shown.

Is this intentional behavior, and if yes, then who is the owner of project created through the CLI?

Best regards William

Sorry, this was my mistakw. It turned out I had a capital letter in the mail address when i logged in through the site… Changing to small letters fixed the issue.

Maybe the user name could benefit from being case insensitive.

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