Please do not limit height of notes

When I type very long notes, the notes modal sticks to its maximum height and hide the overflowed text. I need notes to do the explanation to my colleges. At the same time, could you make notes modal continue to appear when I move cursor around? When we read text, it is natural to move cursor on the text sometimes.

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Thank you for your report, @Jinghang_Hu!

We didn’t restrict the maximum height of the notes. However, if the note is very long, it will be hard to read the overflowed text.
We’ve well-noted that & will consider fixing it soon. In addition, we’re considering adding the ability to show Markdown-supported pop-ups for better readability.

For the hover-to-show note modals behavior, we’ll try to find out if there is any better approach. Thank you.

Any update on changes to notes?

I’m still seeing this behavior. The width of notes don’t seem to adjust and vary between table notes versus column notes. Maybe some setting where a user can specify dimensions if desired or a bit flag to auto adjust? In the interim during development of a feature, clarification in the Docs for notes on best practices and how to maximize functionality in the current environment would be awesome with minimal LOE (15 minutes - 2 hours max for a technical writer).