Proposal: Ability to modularize a large .dbml file into smaller .dbml files

The ability to modularize or breakdown a single large .dbml file into smaller .dbml files.

Possible benefits/use cases/scenarios:

  • By doing this way, it would be easier to keep track of each component that you are documenting
  • Easier maintainence

If you want us to support this feature as well, please share your story and vote :small_red_triangle: this topic.

Request from Kyle Anderson:

I have about 2000 fields spanning 100 tables. I am currently the only one adding notes to the .dbml file because I am afraid of sharing the file for others to upload. I am trying to find my own patchwork solutions with Gitlab to split up tables/table groups into their documents and allow Merge requests on those individual pieces rather than a 5000 line file, a with a Python script running automatically to create an updated single .dbml file to run the publish syntax.

Some documentation at least around making the .dbml file making more modular would be excellent

I have the same situation as Yu_Qi_Tan, But I have more than 130 tables and the file line crossed 2100