Question: how to manually organize relationship lines

I was wondering if there is a way to manually place (via dragging?) the relationship lines between entities. Many times when I organize the entities, the lines auto-arrange and go under other entities or cross over each other and make it difficult to follow. Being able to organize the relationship lines would be super helpful.

The ability to move the reference lines is already in our roadmap. We hope that feature will help users solve the references overlap problem.
Will keep you posted when it is ready. Thank you.

Another way to avoid overlapping lines is to allow them to be changed to straight lines, so there are no bends. In other packages when working on large DB diagrams I have found this to be an effective way to trace connections. @Thi_Nguyen this might also be an easier feature to implement before the user draggable connectors?

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Cool, thanks for the suggestion. What is the method for doing that? I did not see anything in the menu structure.

Changing to straight lines is not currently available, I was suggesting it to Thi_Nguyen as a (possibly) simpler alternative to implement in place of/addition to the ability to manually move the relationship lines. It’s something I have used when creating database diagrams in

Thank you @anthony. It’s a great idea, maybe we’ll try to implement the straight relationship lines soon.