Relationship types on diagram

Hello, since already supports different types of relationships (<, > and -), maybe it should show these types on the diagram, and not only a simple connection.


Hi Marcelo,

For now, you could hover on the relationship lines to see relationship types or check the highlight button on the bottom of the screen.

We are working on the task to show all the relationship types on the screen as well!

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how can i see type relation in pdf ?

Hi Bharath, the PDF has 2 pages, the second page should contain the detailed relationship that you asked for.

Came here to add a +1 to this request. It would be extremely helpful to have a better visual indication or a one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-one relationship. In my opinion, the current mapping of 1:* on the connection line leaves much to be desired. Being able to see multiple lines (or some other UI) for a one-to-many relationship would be wonderful.