Replacement Macros

I’m finding that I am typing the same thing over and over, or copying and pasting lots.

It would be great if we could have macros, for example typing NN and then pressing tab would be replaced by [not null], or NT and then pressing tab would be replace with

Table table_name {

If this feature was implemented it would be ideal if these macros could be customised by the end user.

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ve added it to our backlog.

I already use a macro expansion app on my Mac, so having this as a built-in feature is not so important to me. The added benefit of using an external app is it works in any application or website you use and is a single place to define all the expansions I need.

I’m using aText which is available for Windows and Mac. For disclosure I’m not linked to this company or receive any reward for promoting them.