Save function is buggy and frustrating to use

First of all, I love dbdiagram. IMHO, It is a great tool with a lot of potentials. However Due to some major issues, it is not quite as usable as it should be.


List of saved diagram display inconsistent values. This happens all the time for me

  • Sometime it displays duplicated diagram names
  • Sometime it displays empty list when there are actually saved diagram
  • Sometime it displays “untitled diagram”
  • If I delete the duplicated values on the list, the original diagram will also be deleted.

Check the screenshot below

Reproduce steps

  • Save 3 diagrams or more
  • Open 2 browser tabs, edit and saved both diagram
  • Close all dbdiagram tabs
  • Open dbdiagram in new tab and check for the saved list


This issue make editing dbdiagram an unpleasant journey.
IMHO, in order to make dbdiagram a reliable source for technical document, more care should be put into how can we manage our diagrams.

  • We don’t want to delete the diagram by accident which is very likely to happen with above issue
  • We want the url to be reliable everytime we open it or used it as an embedded page
  • If there’s a better way to manage and share diagrams would be nice

Hi @minhpham,

I’m Duy from the dbdiagram team. Thank you for your report on the bug on saving and switching between diagrams !

Actually we’ve just released a patch to fix this few days ago ! Could you clear all the cookies, caches of your browser and check again ? Tell us if the bug still happens on your side.

I haven’t seen any problem recently. So far so good :+1: