Schema displays nothing .. blank page

My schema has stopped displaying. I copied to a new schema and it still does nor display. URGENT help needed. I emailed. Here is a copy that won’t display either.
Test -

Our apologies for the bad experiences you’ve faced.

We’ve noted your issue. We’re trying to investigate the problem and fix it ASAP.

Hi @adamhughes,

We’ve found out the root cause. The diagram won’t be displayed if the schema contains an empty table group (doesn’t contain any child table). Such as these lines of code from your schema:

tablegroup ScopeTableGroup {

We’ll try to fix and release the hotfix version soon.

On the other hand, you can remove the empty ScopeTableGroup and then refresh the web app as a workaround to bring the diagram back to normal.

Thank you.

A new update has been released to address the issue. Please let us know if the problem still exists.