Select table and move cursor editor on selected table

if we could click diagram table (using button trigger) and the cursor editor will automatically move to specific line that draw the table, that would be helpful feature

Hi @Iqbal_Atma_Muliawan ,

This feature is already supported.

If you double-click on a table in the diagram, the text cursor will automatically scroll to your table code in the editor. This behavior is also applied to double-clicking on relationships and fields as well.

I hope this will help


that’s great, thanks for you help and sorry for my confusion caused by my oversight

Can the reverse be supported… clicking on the written line to and get an indication of the table location especially when the DB has hundreds of tables… it’s not easy to find
Realistically, only needed to find to table

That ability is already supported. You can Ctrl/Cmd + Click on the table definition to focus on that table in the diagram view.