Self-hosted dbdocs

My company really a new efficient database document. I ran into dbdocs and amazed by it’s features and beautiful UI
But we prefer self-hosted documents for our products because they’re big and secured
Does the team have any plan for this?

Thank you

We don’t have any specific plan to offer a self-hosting version yet. However, maybe we’ll work on it in the future.


Is this in progress?

My organization would be interested in this capability as well.

For big companies it’s an obligation for them not to host sensitive data such as E/R diagrams on third parties, so it could be a great feature to seduce more than only startups.

I’ve been following dbdocs and dbdiagram for a while now.

I’d really like to see the ability to:

  • spin up a locally hosted version of the dbdocs documentation for a project; and
  • generate a static version of the documentation or a single diagram.

Similar to how storybook allows you.

Opening up the above functionality would allow me to start using these tools immediately for our company and I think would lead to a lot more community adoption while still leaving ample room to monetize the rest of the product by still restricting the real time collaboration, managed hosting and other future features to paid tiers for example.

I love the project but it’s currently a massive blocker until I’m able to achieve at least this basic functionality locally with the open source capabilities and while there’s also still uncertainty on pricing, even after this long.

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VERY interested in this. Many projects receive ample revenue by allowing self hosting + priced managed hosting. There can also be features that are only in the paid version. For example

  • ElasticSearch
  • RocketChat
  • CockroachDB

and several other examples. If you reduce the barrier to entry by allowing self-hosting (the most significant barrier for your target audience: developers), you will inevitably have higher revenue numbers with that greater reach.

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Is anyone from dbdiagram able to speak to whether self-hosting is something that will get added to the roadmap?

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