Slow performance in Firefox


I’m working on a small ER diagram and initially started on Firefox. I noticed some pretty major lag issues when using dbdiagram on my 4K monitor. Even on my laptop screen(Macbook Pro M1) I saw some lag just a bit less. I decided to try Chrome and all lag issues went away, way more responsive, no more 1-3s lag while navigating etc

Is this something that might be fixed in the future? It’s a shame that performance is so different between the two browsers. I honestly almost switched to another solution because of the lag issues.

Firefox: 102.3.0esr
Chrome: 105.0.5195.125
Laptop: Macbook Pro 14" 2021, M1 Pro, 32gb ram.



bump, wondering if this is a known issue?

Thanks for reporting the bug, @Ian
We are trying to investigate the main cause of the problem. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
We will notify you when it is completed.

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