Team licenses (adding more characters because the minimum number for a feature request title seems to be an arbitrary 15 )


Love the product and am a massive fan. It’s hard to buy and manage licenses for my team as I have to go to each staff member and type in cc details. Is it possible to manage accounts and licenses from a central point? It makes it even harder when a staff member leaves to try and get the license transferred to another staff member or cancel the payments. I would buy wayyyy more licenses if it was easier to manage the teams licenses from my account.

Cheers legends, keep up the great work

Thank you for your suggestion, James.

As you can see, our current Personal Pro plan doesn’t fit with teams or enterprises. So we’re working on the “Team Workspace” feature for our next major release. The feature will help teams manage resources (diagrams, members, etc.) better & come along with a worthy pricing plan.

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