Toolbar buttons not displayed


Il my web browser, I lost my toolbar. I can’t export, save,… It’s display any button. Only the right dropdownMenuButton.

In console I have this :

Query variable sumotoken not found
app.02e4a4876a3028a04a9b.js:1 load gapi sucess 
77.93b86ab43c8d3aed0e50.js:1 install sumo badge...
77.93b86ab43c8d3aed0e50.js:19 Query variable sumopath not found
77.93b86ab43c8d3aed0e50.js:1 CREATING SANDBOX FOR services/index/#services/index
77.93b86ab43c8d3aed0e50.js:1 CREATING SANDBOX FOR 156085c5-0017-4150-b225-a731ad248f38/service/#156085c5-0017-4150-b225-a731ad248f38/service
DevTools failed to parse SourceMap:

Hi @Emmanuel_Lecoester,

Could you give us a screenshot of your browser to easily troubleshoot a problem ?

Hi @Emmanuel_Lecoester, i’m Khoa from the Dbdiagram team, thank you for your feedback.
We have inspected the issue and found out that due to the responsiveness if your screen width is less than 990px, the menu buttons will disappear.
We have put this in our backlog and there will release a patch for this.