[Tutorial] Many to Many Relationship

In this post, we will be sharing with you a tip on how to define many to many relationships in dbdiagram.

Many to Many Relationship

A lot of people ask for this feature, however, many-to-many is not a kind of relationship that we can present it on your diagrams directly. We need to create an associative (join) table instead of drawing the relationship directly.

For example

We have 2 tables: Authors and Books. An Author can write several Books, and a Book can be written by several Authors

Many Books are related to many Authors, however, it’s not possible to draw a single relationship line here since both tables don’t have anything to connect. In this case, to present this relationship, you need to create an associative table author_book to connect them.

Other Examples


An Order can have multiple Products, a Product can be ordered in multiple Orders

Students and Classes

A Student can enroll multiple Classes and a Class can be enrolled by multiple Students

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Can we see the code for these examples @huy , thanks!

@bmitchinson here’s a quick example

Table authors {
  author_id int
  name varchar
  dob datetime
  gender varchar

Table books {
  book_id int
  release_date datetime
  title varchar

Table author_book {
  author_id int [ref: > authors.author_id]
  book_id int [ref: > books.book_id]
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