Usability in the mobile version

You have a responsive version of dbdiagram, but it has two issues that make it unusable:

  • You cannot click the save changes button.
  • When the native keyboard appears, the writing pad disappears.

It would be very interesting to solve these two issues, I think it should be easy to solve and would give the project the possibility of being used on a smartphone.

Congratulations for a great job.

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I’m Son from the dbdiagram team. Thanks for the helpful suggestions, Carlos.

May I ask you a few questions? This will give us some insights on how we can make the future version of dbdiagram better for you and other users.

  • Why do you want to use with a smartphone?
  • Are there other features that you want to see in the mobile version?

Sorry if that’s too many questions, just trying to understand our users better :wink: Feel free to reach out whenever it’s convenient for you!

Son Nguyen

Hi Son,
nice to meet you and thank you for your comments.

I usually use in desktop version, I create the first scheme and the relationships and then I fill in the rest of fields.

Why do you want to use with a smartphone?

  • More than once I find myself thinking about my database, while I’m on public transport or in bed. With the mobile version I would quickly access to make a couple of changes. I don’t need a great application to create a database, but I do need to be able to make revisions.

Are there other features that you want to see in the mobile version?

  • Perhaps you can improve the ability to switch views between code and schema.
  • If you tap on the table from the schema, it would have to focus on that table in the writing pad, showing the writing pad if it is hidden.

I think that with these little things the UX would be greatly improved. I believe that these changes are not difficult to implement, the most difficult improvements are already implemented!

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Thanks for the insightful feedback, Carlos!

Right now we’re having quite a lot on our plate. But we’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind and will work on it when we have the time.

Son Nguyen