Was not able to move tables some are movable others are not

Hi I am new to dbdiagram I find few tables are movable the icon change but most of them are not movable is it free plan limitation ? I am moving one table at a time still I can able to move only few not all tables. I had not set auto Arrange still not able to move tables.

Hi @prashant ,

Do you use the Brave browser? Brave browser is acting to protect your privacy. And it breaks a very common function in our renderer library.

If you don’t mind temporarily disabling “Brave Shields,” the diagram will work just fine.

Yes Solved thanks it works


We fixed moving table issues on Brave browser. It should work with dbdiagram just like any others browsers.


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The issue is the Brave browser not allowing events to happen.

Hi Richard,

You are partly correct. Brave browser modified some native canvas APIs, which interfered with dbdiagram drag detection. We believe that problem has been resolved.

Are you still experiencing any issue with dbdiagram on Brave?